Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Blog Begins...

Here's the teaser for the film, on youtube.  In the coming months I'll post a longer trailer, and add some great scenes that didn't make the final cut.


Unknown said...

Hi Josh,
I see I have the honor of posting the first comment here on your Tales of Dell City blog. I enjoyed the 2009 preview, but I perceive there have been changes. I love the idea of having the residents tell their tale and direct their own film.

The websites and blog spark curiosity and definitely raise hope that there will be a showing here in Guayaquil soon. :-) The only problem is that you didn't anticipate international visitors - you don't have a space for a country on the website sign in.

Good luck. It's a great project.
Tía Karen from Ecuador

Mark said...

Hello everyone in Dell City,
I hope to be able to meet many of you as my family and I plan to relocate to the area. We bought some land east of town, we call it our big Cat box, because my wife loves cats and they would have plenty of room there. But seriously, I am in hopes that the movie will make it to Wisconsin, or maybe, be made for purchase. I would love a copy. If there is anyone that would like to email or text me and my family, we would very much like to start making friends before we get there. Take care all.
Mark Zey,
Currently living in Tomahawk, WI